Hall Walk Lakes - Toms Lake

Hall Walk Lakes - Toms Lake
Fresh Water Sites: Lake
Fishing Activity: Fly Fishing, Pole Fishing, Rod Fishing, Course Fishing
Types of Fresh Water Fish: Carp, Bream, Perch
Email: info@hallwalklakes.co.uk

Hall Walk Lakes are situated in the Norfolk wide open in Lenwade close Norwich and comprise of three distinctive lakes.

The fundamental lake known generally as 'tom's Lake' is fishable on a syndicate ticket which presently has a holding up record in power. This lake has a supply of example carp and offers a test to those angling it.

The different lakes on location are accessible to fish on a period ticket. One lake is in a perfect world suited to an unwinding days angling for a blended sack with a sound silver fish stock incorporating sizable bream and tench. The remaining lake has been supplied with English reared carp, the aforementioned have been picked for their development potential and their shocking looks and this is a water that has an enormous future.

It is tricky to accept while taking a gander at the lakes now that just a year back they were completely congested and silted up. Noteworthy re-molding and unearthing has occurred to make what is a sublime looking complex.

The Lakes, Ponds & River at The Bridge Inn & Hall Walks are Private Property.               

2.      All anglers must hold a current and valid Environment Agency Fishing Licence.

3.      Day ticket holders are allowed to fish the Pub main lake, 2 match ponds and the River only.     Definitely NO FISHING on any of the lakes at Hall Walks.

4.      Night Fishing is restricted to Season Ticket Holders ONLY. . . and is allowed on the 2 main lakes and the River. (There is NO night fishing on the 2 smaller lakes at Hall Walks or the match ponds.)

5.      Day Ticket Holders ~ Fishing is from Dawn to Dusk only. (2 rod maximum,)

6.      The maximum stay permitted in any one swim on the lakes is 72 hours (3 days.)

The maximum stay permitted on the River is 12 hours and definitely NO bivvies.                       

7.      A maximum of 3 rods to be used on the 2 main lakes, 2 rod maximum on the 2 smaller lakes and 1 rod only for the match ponds.  (Never leave unattended.)

8.      NO LITTER. . .  Please take all your litter home, and ensure your swim is litter free.    

9.      No Bait Boats!   No Wading!   No Fires!   No Dogs!   No Nuts!   No fixed leads!

10.    No tree/swim cutting to take place or any damage to marginal plants or shrubs.

11.    Definitely no livebaits to be transported to the Fishery. No Pike Gags or Gaffs.

12.    Under no circumstances are any fish to be removed/killed, transferred from one                         

         lake to another or introduced to the Fishery.

13.    Please respect our fish – No Carp, Tench, Bream or Pike to be retained in nets.       

     Carp may be sacked overnight or for the minimum possible time for photographic  

     purposes only and not for multiple capture photo’s.

     (Please ensure that your sacked fish is in a good depth of shaded water.)                     

     Use only safe rigs. The use of suitable unhooking mats is compulsory.

14.   Report all fish deaths or any sign of pollution to the Pub immediately.

     All fish, (even when dead), remain the property of the owners.

15.   Strictly no publicity of any kind without the owner’s permission.

     (This rule applies to any slanderous or libellous actions on fishing forums,                    

      talk forums or any other websites.)                                                                                                                      

16.  Please respect the neighbourhood and refrain from using the access to the Fishery  

       along “Hall Walk” between the hours of 10:00pm – 7:00am.

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