Langmere Lakes

Langmere Lakes
Fresh Water Sites: Lake
Fishing Activity: Fly Fishing, Pole Fishing, Rod Fishing, Course Fishing
Types of Fresh Water Fish: Carp, Bream, Perch
Address: Langmere Lakes
Old Church Road
Postcode: NR12 7LD
Telephone: 0777 1880 990 / 01263 512140

Langmere lakes, five decently created lakes in lovely, tranquil surroundings which have a developing notoriety for preparing a portion of the hardest battling and best capable fish you could find at whatever location in the anglian district and perhaps the nation. The lakes comprise of one prevailing lake and four more modest ones making up around the range of 7 sections of land of water altogether. All the lakes are decently loaded with coarse angle and four of them have carp in overabundance of 20lbs, the exemption being the little island lake closest to the lodges yet even this one has a couple of carp to twofold figures and insect, rudd, tench, roost and more modest carp in inexhaustible amounts, which makes it a perfect water for more youthful guests to fish.

I have looks the aforementioned waters for practically 20 years and have viewed them develop and the fish develop to example estimate and even now I am still astounded at the quality and force of the aforementioned carp. The essential lake is rich with Tench in the 3-6lb section and 20-30lb Carp. I and a couple of other people who customarily "water watch" have additionally seen bigger fish that have yet to be gotten. The littler lakes must be considered important additionally, as they hold numerous quality angle and right up 'til the present time the biggest carp I have directly seen is in one of the aforementioned more modest lakes.

  • Carp-----up to 30lb at present.
  • Tench---up to 8lb 2oz.
  • Bream---up to 10lb.
  • Roach---up to 2lb 8oz.
  • Rudd----up to 2lb 8oz.
  • Perch---up to 4lb.

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