Places2Fish is an all new fresh water fishing site for all for fishing addictions! We have a variety of places to go fishing all around the United Kingdom with as much information for each venue as we can pack in. giving you a perspective of what the waters are like, what types of fish they have and the rules on the site aswell as the prices. What facilities they've got toilets/disabled parking/overnight stay/camping, and food if available and much more! We provide all contact details for the venue's and most importantly picture's as well as directions so you get their and do what you do best without any worries. We have provided a fantastic quick and easy way to add your pond and its completely Free!! so if your a fishing venue owner and you would your business's future too be bright then advertise free and fill out the forms with all the essential details of your business and pictures to give customer's the full prospective of your business. Click add pond to start.
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