Mill Road Fishery

Mill Road Fishery
Fresh Water Sites: Fishery, Lake
Fishing Activity: Fly Fishing, Pole Fishing, Rod Fishing, Course Fishing
Types of Fresh Water Fish: Carp, Bream, Trout
Address: Mill Road
Postcode: NR29 3EY
Telephone: 07917 756015


The lake was dug in 2005 and loaded soon after with a great number of Carp, Tench and Rudd by the then holder. The lake is simply under a plot of land equal to 4840 square yards and incorporates two islands which serve to divide the fishers and guarantee every living soul has their particular water to fish. The lake has 17 hand assembled wooden arranges that furnish even, stable pegs.

We are advancing the verdure around the lake and have planted various lilies, reed mace and other water plants to give the fish some blanket. We have likewise planted a substantial number of local trees and bushes around the lake and on the islands. We trust that in time, this will give a more nature's turf.

We are a day ticket fishery.  Tickets are available on the bank from either us or Rosie and Paul, our bailiff team.

Adult Day Ticket - 08:00 until dusk £5.00
Junior Day Ticket (Under 16) - 08:00 until dusk £2.50
Evening Ticket - Summer from 16:30 £2.50
Evening Ticket - Winter from 14:00 £2.50


We do not (and will not) hold competitions or matches of any sort on the lake.  This is primarily an issue about fish welfare, but also we like our regular and not so regular visitors to know that they can turn up on any day of the week with a good chance of finding a swim to fish from.

Opening Times

We are open from 08:00 every morning and close at dusk (times posted on the notice board).

Close Season

We do not operate a close season and are open twelve months a year.

1.      Hooks should be barbless, crushed barbs are permitted.

2.      Safe rigs must be used (no fixed leads or fixed feeders).

3.      Keep nets are not permitted.

4.      A current Environment Agency rod licence is required.

5.      Only one rod to be used at any one time, no rod to be left unattended in the water.

6.      No nuts are allowed.  All particle baits must be properly prepared.

7.      All anglers fishing for carp must have a proper unhooking mat and an adequate landing net.

8.      Anglers are responsible for ensuring their fishing area is clear of litter at all times.

9.      Cars must be parked in the car park.  Please respect the spaces for anglers with disabilities.

10.  Please keep to paths and do not interfere with wildlife or their habitat.

11.  No dogs are allowed on the site.

12.  No fish are to be removed or introduced without the owner’s consent.

13.  No children under 14 to fish without an adult, children to be supervised at all times.

14.  Fishing is allowed from 08:00 until dusk.

15.  No wading or swimming at any time.

16.  A toilet is provided for your benefit, please use it and leave it as you would wish to find it.

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